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    How do you transfer music or files to the memory card in the 700P? Do I need a special program to do this or how can I go about it?

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    I use the file transfer program that came on the 700P CD.
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    Or you can pop your SD card in your PC card reader (provided you have one) and use Explorer to do normal file transfer at USB 2.0 speed. If no card reader, I suggest the app "Card Reader" (there are others as well) that allows Explorer access to the SD card through the sync cable so it's as if you had a card reader. I don't much go for propriety "file transfer programs."
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    Do not put files in the root directory -- this is saved by the system for system files. (And after a while -- too many non-system files there make the card think it is full when it is not.)

    Pictures go into the DCIM directory . . . . . . .

    Music goes in the AUDIO directory . . . . . . .

    PealPlayer Songs go in the RN_AUDIO directory . . . . . . .
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    For Music, There Is A Preference On P-tunes..........go To "copy From Pc" Preferences.........and Then Select Your Card So That Anything Copied From Your Pc To P-tunes Will Automatically Be Going On The Card........& Not Your Device.
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    Use a card is a much faster transfer.


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