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    I have purchased the TeleNav GPS receiver for the 680 and I have an annoying problem. Basically, I add the GPS to my list of Bluetooth trusted devices. I enter the passkey (0000) and I establish a connection. I can use the connection fine once (TeleNav navigation works great!!). However, if I exit the TeleNav application and then try to use it again later , I cannot seem to get the GPS receiver to automatically work with TeleNav . What I have to do is delete the Telenav receiver from my list of trusted devices and then manually add it again to the list of trusted devices (with the passkey). So basically, everytime I wanted to use TeleNav I have to manually add the GPS receiver to my list of devices. This is a total pain.

    Is anyone else having this problem? What am I doing wrong in the linking process? Could this be due to Bluetooth 1.2? I thought I try to find an answer here, since many of you here seem much more knowledgeable about the 680 than most tech support people I tend to encounter.
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    Sorry for bumping an old post. But this is the only thread that has my exact problem after doing searches. I just got a Globalsat BT-359 GPS and Telenav and it works fine once, but when I try to use it again, I have to either turn off bluetooth, then turn it back on and sometimes even have to delete the trusted device just to get it to work again.

    Does anyone know how to fix this?
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    I contacted TeleNAV directly with this problem and they sent me the following email:


    Please note that on Treo devices, the pairing is done through the TeleNav interface, not the Palm Bluetooth preferences. Please remove any existing instances of the GPS receiver from your Bluetooth Prefs list and restart TeleNav. Then enter TeleNav's PReferences to choose the GPS Receiver. If you have additional questions, please call 888.353.6284."

    The TeleNav Team

    Please note, that I have added the device only via the TeleNAv system and now TeleNAV works much better. I still occasionally have a problem getting a GPS fix but I just keep hitting retry GPS until it locks on. My problem is probably related to the fact that I live right in the middle of New York City and sometimes the buildings cause issues. That being said, after hitting retry several times, I usually get a GPS fix within 5 min. Again, in a crowded city it doesn't seem to work as well (with a Treo 680) as others have reported, but when it works it works quite well.
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    My 650 and 680, never had a problem reconnecting to my Holux 236, but I wouldn't use Telenav so I dunno if it has specific issues...
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    Thanks very much, I'll give that a try.
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    I'm having a similar issue with Tomtom 6 and a BT-359 receiver... First time it usually connects without an issue but if I shut Tomtom down ( walk into a store or to make a phone call), most of the time I will not be able to re-establish a connection unless I restart Bluetooth. The blue light on my receiver shows that it is connected and the Treo has a hallow Bluetooth icon which means it's communicating/connected. However Tomtom still says that it's 'connecting with GPS device'.

    Is there anything I can do? This happens precisely when I need to have a connection most! Is Bluetooth screwey on the Treo?
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    What Ultramet posted fixed my problem with Telenav.

    Bulishor, I did notice that white/hollow bluetooth icon your talking about when my Telenav wasn't working correctly. After setting the receiver in the gps program and not in the Treo's Bluetooth Manager, it goes back to the blue icon whenever I exit the program. I don't have Tomtom, but you might want to try the same thing by deleting the receiver from the Treo 680's bluetooth manager and configuring the receiver in Tomtom.

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