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    With my new Treo 680 in hand, I was eagerly awaiting the release of cases designed for this new model. Having carried my Treo 650 in a Seidio swivel holster, a similar model for the 680 seemed the obvious choice.

    Seidio released this holster last week and having used the Helix and Seidio holsters, I thought I'd share my observations.

    Seidio choose to use a rubberized plastic for this holster (similar to the material Helix uses) instead of the hard plastic previous holsters are constructed of. It's a lighter material as well.

    I will be interested in seeing if over time the flexibility of the rubberized material will increase. I think with the lack of parts that have to be bended (such as the retention hook on the Helix) the material shouldn't weaken. The only moving part is hinged and the only wear should be in the spring.

    Designed to minimize scratching the Treo slides in nicely and is retained by a tension clip at the top of the holster. The holster has a swivel clip that rides close and higher than other cases/holsters. The 680 is light enough that combined with the carry style of this holster, it is easy to forget you have it on.

    In the case the 680 does not fit as snug as the 650 does in the it's swivel holster. There is a little wiggle in the Treo when it is in this holster. At first I thought it was due to the softer rubber material that has a little flexibility but there is a slight gap between the back of the case and the Treo.

    I mentioned this to Seidio and it was explained that the "wiggle" was designed into the holster to help minimize the contact between the Treo and the case.

    While I am concerned about the wiggle, I've used this holster for three days now and the 680 has stayed securely in the holster. The older holsters (Helix and pre-spring clip Seidio) had a nasty habit of allowing the Treo to pop out. Especially when getting in and out of the car or getting up from a chair. I work in law enforcement and get in and out of cars constantly as well as getting up and down from a desk constantly. So far, while I'm still a little apprehensive, the 680 hasn't bounced across the parking lot or my office.

    I think the secure fit is due to the spring clip. At first it felt a little soft (tension wise) compared to the hard plastic version but the softness is a false perception due to the rubber material. It has no less give in it than the hard plastic version.

    I have had no issues with the retention/spring clip interfering with the mute button.

    The belt clip rotates 180 degrees and fits securely on your belt. And again, it rides closer and a tad higher than other holsters/cases. I really like the way the 680 rides in this case.

    As with other holsters from Seidio, the rubberized holster has the bottom of the 680 exposed to allow for cable connection and some cradle hook up (I've got a Seidio cradle and had no trouble). It's tricky but you can take the 680 out of the holster with earphones plugged in.

    Seidio eliminated the cutout section at the bottom of the holster. I am told there is enough variance with the fit of this holster to allow the 680 to be put in and taken out of the holster without striking the keys. Personally, I'd rather see the cutout and have a tad snugger fit.

    I'de rate it as follows.

    Construction: A
    I like the rubber material. It is a tad flexible but it will help prevent wear marks that were so typical with hard plastic version. The spring clip is sturdy as is the belt clip.

    Fit: A-
    The holster wears really good on my waist and the 680 fits nicely in the holster. The only concern is with the wiggle. So far this concern hasn't caused any problems and it likely won't. However, I wouldn't mind the Seidio engineers minimize this wiggle a little for a more confident fit.

    Functionality: A
    The holster can be easily operated one handed at both vertical and horizontal positions.

    Value: A
    At $29.95 I think this holster is a good value.

    Overall I am pleased with the holster. Some may be apprehensive about carrying an exposed Treo but so far this holster keeps the 680 in place nicely. I am sure Seidio will eventually come out with a model that accomodates a skinned Treo for added security.

    I had been using a generic, open topped leather case. It was considerably bulkier than the Seidio Holster. One of the attractions to the 680 is the trimmed down form factor. The Seidio Holster definitely compliments the smaller, lighter 680 and is worth consideration.

    Now if I can only get the battery to perform better!
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    Great review Coppertop! Thank you.
    As with my 650, for my 680 I bought the Vaja -volution and am also looking for a good holster...
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    Just a follow-up.

    I spent the weekend Christmas shopping and chasing my daughter around. The Seidio holster kept the 680 in place with no problems. It takes a considerable amount of force to pull the phone straight back and out of the holster.

    My concern is that it would take considerable less force to push the phone out of the holster from the sides. While there was a little side to side movement getting into a car, there wasn't enough movement to dislodge the phone.

    Again, while I'd like to see the "wiggle" reduced, there seems to be no problem with this holster keeping the phone in place.

    Also, as thin and light as this holster is, combined with the way it rides it feels really good swiveled to the horizontal position.
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    I've had one of the older Seidio clip holsters for quite some time now, and have stopped using it because I'm concerned that the spring clip is weakening, my 700p has popped out lately once too often for my taste, so have stopped using it. I have a friend whose 650 would pop out all the time. I'm sure that this one is just fine at first, but once its spring gets fatigued, watch out. I used to be a fan of this style of case, but now I fear that there is just one too many points of failure on this type of case. It's back to holster-style cases for me!
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    I had a spring clip model for the 650 for about six months before moving to the 680. I honestly can't remember the 650 popping out.

    The older models that had the retention clip built into the backing did weaken considerably with use and I kept popping my 650 out everytime I got into the car.

    With the spring clips.... and I may be mistakened... I think Seidio offers replacement springs should they weaken.

    Ideally, I'd like to find a thin, light wieght, leather pouch that rides like this holster does. I've got a generic one that I carried the 680 in until I got the Seidio holster but it was bulky and I felt like I had a shoebox clipped to my belt.
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    Last update....

    It's been almost two week since I started using this holster. While the wiggle still makes me nervous, I have yet to spill the 680 onto the pavement.

    The rubberized plastic takes some getting used to after using a hard plastic holster for so long. It's a lot quieter using this holster. I'm also finding that this holster is very comfortable when used horizontal. Its' small and light enough that you often forget the phones on your belt.

    When considering a holster for your 680, this one should make the short list.
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    I've had the Rubberized Swivel Holster for about a month now and yesterday was the first time I had the Treo "pop" out. Previous models for the Treo 650 had a problem with the phone popping out because of the lack of tension on the retaining strap/clip. Most of these incidents occured when the phone was carried vertical.

    The new rubberized swivel holster from Seidio incorporates a spring clip which holds the phone a little more securely than the non-spring versions. It's actually difficult to pull the phone straight back. However, the side to side "wiggle" has been a concern in that the phone might easily slip out sideways from the holster.

    Up until yesterday, this concern had no merit. I was wearing the holster horizontally and ran across the street. The bounce of me running jogged the Treo out of the holster and it landed in the middle of the road. I don't know what suprised me more; the phone popping out, the phone only recieving a slight scratch, or that I wasn't run over while retrieving my lost phone.

    Seidio is aware of my concerns on the wiggle and it is my understanding that the design team is looking at reducing this wiggle. Carrying the phone vertically, shouldn't be a problem and hasn't been. I realize running may be an extreme and I doubt it would have popped out if I had been using the holster vertically.

    I still think this is a good holster and if the design is tweeked to reduce the side to side give, it will be even better. Until then, I'm going to be more careful and keep this holster in the vertical position.

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