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    is this possible?

    I want to set up my treo as a bluetooth headset for all my (one) other phones.

    Rather than mess around with pairing of a bt headset to multiple devices? I pair it with the treo then use my treo to determine which phone actually makes the call.

    I could imagine this being a nifty little application.

    is the treo up to the task of taking audio from a headset and sending it to another phone (bandwidth/processor wise)?

    if this app doesn't exist, how easy would it be to create one?

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    I'm so confused.
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    1) Your post is a bit disjointed.

    2) From what I can figure out, you want to use the treo as a bt router almost...deciding what device is using your bt headset? Not possible as far as I know...definitely not possible under Palm OS as the multitasking required just couldn't be done.

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