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    I was wondering if you could purchase the screws that hold the phone together anywhere? I was cleaning out the back of my phone the other day and noticed that 3 of the 4 screws were not in the phone anymore. This cannot be good. Not sure how I missed them falling out.
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    I noticed the same problem with my phone, I just took it back to the sprint store and they replaced them for free.
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    Much cheaper to buy a set of 5 for $5.95 instead of $3 for only one screw. Check out this posting for more details.
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    I have screws that fit the Treo for sale. They have a different head than the OEM screws (hex as opposed to Torx) but are otherwise the same. $10 for a whole set or $2 per screw. PM or email me at
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    I just purchased a complete screw set for $5 from
    It should arrive early next week. It's not listed on their site but I emailed them. I don't know if that is a special price because I also ordered a new housing...
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    Awesome, thanks for the help.
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    I bought a keyboard from this guy, and he included a screw for free.
    I'm sure he has plenty others to spare, just email him and see.

    His name is Harold Carpenter:

    good luck
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    One missing screw won't hurt anything unless it is the one for the antenna. It just means you bought a refurbished phone.

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