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    This is an Activesync error. We have been syncing over the internet using the Activesync protocal to our Exchange server. Every once in a while we see this error. Currently, I'm getting this error for user A.
    If I plug in account information into the Treo for user B, it will sync fine. Put back user A info, error.

    Obviously, it has to do with user A's mailbox, which currently is 7 gigs big. I really don't want to start moving items around in this mailbox, but, I can see thats probably what I'm going to have to do. It was syncing just fine 3-4 days ago.

    Cingular considers this a Microsoft problem and sends me to Microsoft who wants $245.00 to solve the problem.

    This is total BS, imo. Cingular is washing their hands of this one, thanks alot guys. I guess as an IT person, you'd rather me just suggest to everyone to buy Pocket PC's or Blackberrys. I'm sorry for going off like this, but, I've been trying to deal with this for 3 days now. I'm not getting very far and am very disappointed at the non-existant tech support I'm getting from Cingular.

    So, the outcome of this will probably be....the unit will start syncing without errors on its own in a week or two. Once the culprit email or calendar item is outside of the sync range or if I find it first.

    There is a big need for a small program that will scan a mailbox for potential Treo Activesync issues. I'd pay $20-$40 for that program myself.

    Any insight or comments to help steer me in the right direction would be helpful.
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    The current date is 12/15/06.

    I've moved all emails and calendar items in the month of December to another folder. I'm getting the same error. I even changed the Delivery Options and unchecked the Mail from last 1 day and unchecked Download attachments.

    What should I try next?
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    Ok, more updates. I grabbed another Treo from another user and plugged in the account info for the first user and it errored out. No Activesyncing.

    So, its has something to do with the mailbox.
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    You might try deleting the account from that treo and going to manual sync on all items and see if hotsync shows any errors. I'm sure its an oversize or corrupted email or calendar entry as well. Sounds like its time to clean up this mailbox anyway!

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