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    I have a Blue VDX that I have loved for a little over a year, and now am buying a VDX for my wife, so that she can keep her schedule current.

    Since I sync to my PC at home and at the office with my VDX, I have my information duplicated in two places, which works very well for me. But now that my wife will also be syncing, how do I separate her calendar and address book from mine on our home PC?

    Do I need to establish a separate instance of Outlook for her on the PC? or how do I do this?

    Any suggestions would be welcome.

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    My wife has a Palm IIIX and we both synch to Palm Desktop because of the ease of switching back and forth between our data. With Outlook, I believe you have to set up different user profiles that are actually tied to your Windows login. Thus, to switch calendars, you have to log out and log in again under the other profile.

    DateBk4 allows custom views and appointment categories where you can hide her calendar by default, and save it as a separate view. Still a pain since there isn't desktop support for the calendar categories. No perfect solution yet, but this is a problem that cries out for some creative developer to tackle. I'm sure there's alot of dual-Palm households out there!
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    I tried to help my parents with this problem. I cheated and left my Dad with Outlook and Mom with Palm Desktop. There is a real solution - check the how to/troubleshooting and someone thoughtfully listed all the steps needed to set up the corporate/workgroup setting - sounded quite complicated. Good luck.
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    Have you checked out


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