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    No, it's "expected" Monday... It was also expected at the end of Q1, then it was expected the week of 5/28...
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    Wow.....just wow.

    I'm glad I decided not to wait.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob-C View Post
    I recently had the opportunity to look at the 755p's ROM. I noticed that the latest files are dated 3/15/07. It follows that this was the date the ROM was completed. Being that the 755p was released on 5/14/07, that would mean the carrier certification process took less than two months to complete.

    I don't know when the firmware update for the 700p was completed but at one point we were talking about an April release which gives me the impression carrier testing had already began in Q1. That would put the testing at over two months.

    This is what I am confused about the most. What has the difference been in the certification process for two units that are essentially the same hardware?
    I would not be at all surprised if the dates in the 700p ROM are either the same or maybe a week or two later. Also, if the ROM isn't identical it will most likely be very close to the 755p's. The hardware is essentially the same, why waste resources developing a different ROM. The real cause of this delay was most likely to give Palm time to kill two birds with one stone and develop a single ROM that would both serve as the ROM for the 755p and the 'fix' for the 700p. By the time they got around to paying real attention to the need for a fix for the 700p they knew there would be a nearly identical 755p and someone probably just said "Hey instead of having two separate teams working on these issues, lets just save some money and develop one ROM that we'll be able to use on both devices." Hence the delay after the originally promised Q1 fix.
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    You are SOOOOO right. There is NO WAY they would have two separate development teams working on ROM's for the 700p & 755p. I'll take it even a step further.

    Ask yourself which would they work on first? It would have to be the new product in order to get it out to market. So they probably focused on getting the ROM to run on the 755p first. After which they turned their attention to making a modified version of the ROM to fix any outstanding compatibility problems the 700p was having with it.

    How ironic is it that people were pleading with Palm they would get a 755p ROM? Personally, I thought the idea ridiculous they would givr you the new ROM. Now in retrospect it is pretty obvious that it will be essentially the same. Mind you they could still subtract some of the non-stability related 755p added features.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob-C View Post
    Mind you they could still subtract some of the non-stability related 755p added features.
    I doubt they would add any new features, it would mean more work, more of a chance of another thing going wrong, and time away from development of the next product.
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    That maybe true but I don't think the features they added such as googlemaps-contacts feature & the feature to quickly switch programs would work any differently on the 700p. I would think the major differences would be hardware driver differences for things such as the micro SD.
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    Hey! The Update is ready to download!!!
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    Aplied the MR, took 26 minutes, after that my Treo falls into an INFINITE REBOOT LOOP!! Take care!! NOW WHAT?!?!?!? Palm I need my Treo700p BACK! HELP! I can not make posts on palm's blog (firewall stuff at my office), please do avise this.
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    AFTER 20 reboots without disconnecting the cable, I performed a hard reset, it then sent me to the typical "Erase all data?" question, sent me to the "tap screen" - > reboots again.
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    Ekthor Still having issues with downloading the MR?

    Paul Loeffler - Palm, Inc
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    Also having on my fourth attempt to update. The windows screen prematurely indicates completion when, in fact, it's not as evidenced by the lack of the updated ROM version and no recalibration screen. Also, be advised that a bad update still leaves the update PRC's (one for ROM, one for CDMA) on the Treo which may cause another issue - lack of memory when you try it again! Am religiously trying to follow the instructions, but there appears to be "time out" issues with the updater as well. Be prepared for a rough ride and hope you don't have one. Will post when/if update completes properly.
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    Yes Paul, infinite reboots. As I said the 700p finished OK the Update, then it performed a *planned reset* but it never came back. Now the laptop part says: Device Connection Failed. Please HELP!
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    OK, checking with some people. If you haven't already linked at the trouble shooting link, you might want to check it out in the meantime:
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    Also, someone submitted as a comment to the Palm blog, another comment related to the subject:
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    We ran into the same issue on several users Treo's today when we were performing the hotsync install method. It seems that if you are stuck in the loop you can perform a hard reset twice in a row. You should then get to the screen calibration window. Instead of clicking simply press the reset button inside the battery compartment. We then were able to get back to the OS to put the SD card in the phone for the update to run again. We simply plugged the phone into the normal wall charger, inserted the SD card and let it fly. Out of 30 phones the 6 that tanked were fixed this way. Hope this helps.

    Bottom line: Take the SD card route!!!!
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    I agree with Vader...finally got mine to work by going the SD Card route. Never got the Windows install method to work. Be need a good backup before you start - not just the Palm backup. I used Backup Buddy and needed it to restore everything after the ROM update.
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    Well, before I can try the SD Card route I must first see if the troubleshooting page works, I followed Paul's suggestion, now the updater is running again under a weird condition: the Treo LOOP went always to the calibration screen. I rebooted the laptop and tried again, the Desktop Part performed a Treo Reset, laptop part now says "Executing Update", 90% complete BUT the Treo STAYS waiting for my calibration hits since the beginning, 50 minutes, so far status: "Attention Your device will automatically reset now. Once it has finished, please follow the instructions on your device".. but the treo doesn't reset, it still awiats for calibration.. Should I perform the reset? Soft or hard now?
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    Desktop part says "Device Connection Failed The USB conn was not successful..." and the Treo is now again in the infinite autoreset loop!

    I tried a hard reset and as darthvadereric says, "Instead of clicking simply press the reset button inside the battery compartment. We then were able to get back to the OS to put the SD card in the phone for the update to run again"

    THE PROBLEM IS I CAN NOT GO BACK INTO THE OS, the phone is trying to get phone signal all the time and in doing so it resets itself!

    I Can not try the SD CARD Route!

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    The troubleshooting link has some misinformation. It specifically says to look to make sure that the current version number says Treo680-1.10_SPNT. In the case of the Treo 700p update, I am rather certain this will NOT be the case.

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