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    Well, I've been fooling around with Realplayer and thought I figured it out, but I was wrong. I'm using Realplayer to listen to Audio books (in MP3 format) on my Treo 650. However, it's critical to organize the songs in a sequential order (so it flows). However, realplayer will randomly organize the songs and there seems to be no way to organize it "my" way (i.e. by name, date, size, etc). I labeled each track "blink_1", "blink_2", "blink_3" etc. However, it still "scrambles" it. Is there anyway to organize songs in the realplayer?

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    The only way I have figured out to do it is to set up a "playlist" and then add songs/MP3's to that playlist in order. And honestly, if you load something into Realplayer in order and then set up a playlist, it will be backwards. Then you have to move everything up - or down to get in sequence.

    OK, buy pTunes.....
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    I second the motion, buy pTunes. After playing with RealPlayer for a long time because I just didn't need pTunes I broke down and bought deluxe, now my audio books/podcasts are organized and easy. Auto bookmarking is reason enough to buy.

    Oh, and when you sync up it automatically organizes by artist so each successive podcast is put in the right order in the playlist.
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    Is there a "pTunes" lite that is free? If there is a "Deluxe" sometimes there is a free "lite" version. I think I found an old and free version of pTunes, but it seemed like a shady website so I didn't download it. I hate paying $35 for something I really don't use much (maybe 3x a year).

    Thanks for the info,
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    no freebie version. If you are really not going to use it that much, just endure the pain of Realplayer - that's what I do. Takes a few extra minutes, but I don't listen to stuff on the Treo more than a couple of times a month.
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    Thanks bubbatex, good point

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