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    Audible said the following in a press release about an update to AudibleAir:

    "The AudibleAir user interface for the Treo 680 has easy to use five-way navigation. AudibleAir also includes bookmarking, support for skins, vacation mode and a new installer that allows for over-the-air or PC-based installation. AudibleAir version 3.0 will be available to the general public by November 30 at"

    1) Has anyone seen this yet?

    2) Is it available for over-the-air installation (as promised), or do you need to run an executable file? The Audible site only has an executable file, and there's no way to tell what version it is (i.e., if it's the new version or the old version).

    3) Is this just for the 680, or does it work on a 700p?

    I've poked around the Web a lot and haven't found the answers to any of these questions. Does anyone know anything?

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    Given the massive outpouring of interest in this thread . . . .

    Alright. So nobody seems to care about this but me. In any event, I was able to answer my own question. There is a completely redesigned Audible player. It's actually significantly better than the old one, both in terms of asthetics and one-handed functionality. There are too many changes to describe. Check it out. Here is a link to the download.

    It installs an installer which then unpacks both the new Audible player and a very slightly redesigned AudibleAir. The only changes on Audible Air seem to be in the preferences, but it has the very important "vacation mode." If that is what I think it is, it will cause AudibleAir not to endlessly try to auto-download subscriptions (like the NY Times Audio Digest) when you are traveling and don't have a signal. As it was, AudibleAir would keep trying to do the download throughout the night and burn out the entire battery. And there was no way to get it to stop until you returned to an area with a signal so you could connect and turn off the scheduled download. I'm assuming this feature changes that.

    I recommend completely uninstalling your old Audible Player and Audible Air before installing the installer. Otherwise, it seems to leave both the old and new copies of each program on your Treo. At that point, uninstalling the old version is likely to wipe out preferences it shares with the new version. Just wipe Audible off your Treo completely and then start fresh with this.

    Oh. And to answer two of my questions above: Yes, it works on a 700p. And no, there doesn't seem to be a way to get it OTA.
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    I downloaded it for my 680 straight from the website. I love Expensive, but worth it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by smileyboy View Post
    I downloaded it for my 680 straight from the website. I love Expensive, but worth it.
    Do you mean you downloaded it OTA directly to your device? If so, how did you do that?
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    OK, I got this to work and the new Audible app is a HUGE improvement in functionality (use of the dial pad is great). I highly recommend this upgrade to any Audible user!
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    does your volume keys work?
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    Treo 650 compatible?

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