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    Just got a 700p and am having problems with the volume going up and down. It is most noticeable when listening to my voice mail. I am on my third phone exchange this week and have been able to repeat the problem in each of the phones.
    I dial voicemail, hit 1 to listen, hit 9 to save, 9 to save the next, and 9 to save the next and so on.
    As I go through this process the volume will go up or down. It may do it right away or it may take me saving a bunch of messages.
    But I am able to replicate this in each of the phones I have received.
    I tried accessing my wife’s voice mail. Same Problem.
    I have had this problem on calls but is harder to notice because I am inclined to think it is service quality or the other person moving away from there phone.
    I used my wife’s phone (Samsung A920) to access both voicemail to see if voicemail was the problem.
    I was unable to reproduce the volume change. So I know it is not the VM.

    I like the upgrades from the 650 and am hoping it is a software and not hardware issue.
    My hope it that some of you out there can reproduce this problem, and we can hopefully get a solution.
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    Will someone help me out by trying to repeat this?
  3. #3 - take a look at the VolumeCare products - the Pro and the Basic are the two to look at. The Basic takes care of the phone application and the Pro works with bunches of programs.


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