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    Have migrated over the years from mapopolis to TomTom to (several days ago) Que and Garmin 10. Happily so, generally, recognizing that life is compromise and there are only interim solutions. Do have a question.

    With TomTom 5, could keep all the US/Canada files on board, using about 1 gig of my SD card. From within TomTom, I could switch among the 6 or 7 regional groupings in the map preferences menu. Very convenient as I find myself in different parts of the US on a regular basis.

    With Que, I can create maps for various areas but can find no way, within Que, to switch maps. Unless I create one huge US file and then go, detailed map by detailed map, checking or unchecking the ones I want. Tried keeping several mapsets on the card and renaming to the name Que expects as needed but that's a pain -- at least compared to how TomTom handles this -- and seems not to always work.

    Is there some way to direct Que to the desired mapset to load? Or, do I just create that one huge all-US mapset?

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    I do the renaming trick all the time; it works 100% of the time for me, though sometimes I need to do a soft reset after rename. (The renaming trick even works if you want to switch between topo and street maps of the same area). As far as I can tell there is no way to select different map sets with different file names.

    But if you travel and need the whole US, what's wrong with keeping everything in one humongous file? Do you find that searches, routing, etc. is slower with a full map set than several "localized" ones? I haven't done a systematic test, but I haven't noticed such a slowdown.
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    These are the subtle differences between the two programs. I never liked the TomTom because of the way the mixed their maps on multiple CDs.

    My suggestion - by a 2G card and put all of the maps on for the Garmin and be done with it.
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    Genuinely helpful. A 2g card and humongous file it is. Thanks bobodobo and RSGMOOSE
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    You're welcome. Later you may want to consider customizing your ROM with FAT32 (FAT = File Allocation Table, 32 = 32 bits) which will enable you to use up to 4 GB cards. That leaves plenty of room for the whole US map database, movies, pictures and mp3s. You'll find plenty of threads about custom ROMs on this board if you're interested.

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