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    Hey, gang.

    I've noticed that the volume I get on my 680 (Cingular) seems to vary based on location I dial from. Home office is great. Some places around town..great. Others..not so good.

    Network signal strength APPEARS to be approximately the same, so I don't think that's it.

    Can the volume of the phone be affected by how much the phone is able to lock onto the network at different physical locations? I'd think I'd see this on the # of bars displayed on my signal strength meter if so, but notta so far..

    I'm tempted to swap this handset out for a new one, but am somewhat hesitant to do that as I don't want to go through getting one that performs less in some areas than the one I have now. (Eg: my speakerphone seems decent, battery is starting to behave more normally).


    - PB
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    I used to notice this with my 650 a while back.
    It got me curious to see if it was network related. On the 650, I switched the Network between the Cingular and T-mobile towers by my house. I found the T-mobile tower gave me the higher volume/louder call.
    Now I usually set my Network to Automatic, so it can pick either tower (although it favors Cingular). I don't care so much now, but every now and then, I'll notice that some phone calls are particularly loud at home. Sure enough when I look at the call detail, those calls are the ones with "roaming" (meaning roaming onto the T-mobile tower).
    Unfortunately with the 680 and Cingular Cards, you will not be able to switch Network on purpose (although the phone is doing this for you automatically).
    at&t Treo 680, SW 2.11-ATT
    Cingular Treo 650 Unlocked, SW 1.17-CNG/FW 1.51

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