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    Anyone get this app working with the 680? My HT820s pair fine and cause no resets. I just don't get any sound at all.
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    Beta 1.08 is out. But, I can't get it to work
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    Only phone voice supported over bluetooth. No stereo audio from say the ptunes app or anything like that, AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK.
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    Are you familiar with a program made by Softick......... Check it out.
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    smileboy, I'm waiting patiently in hopes that Softick updates a version to be compatible with the 680. I read on a few posts and some members have tried basically all the versions (Old and new) to no avail. HURRY UP SOFTICK!
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    Softick says that beta 1.08 was updated for the 680. But, it still doesn't work
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    I have the same problem. SAG connects to my HT820 fine, but no audio comes through. Softick's website says it's BETA support for the 680 so far...
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    same for me. it connects without a problem, but i don't hear a thing.
    hopefully softick solves it asap
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    I really NEED my A2DP for my 680. any news yet?
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    Check out the new version 1.10 beta - it works for me and my LG hbs-110! I'm a happy camper.
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