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    I need AIM on my treo. Whats a good app for it?
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    Cingular 680
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    I like toccer too. I think it's great for just AIM
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    Doesn't work for the Treo 700p.
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    I use Causerie myself, but I use it for more than just AIM. Could be overkill if you just need that.
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    I have no issue with toccer. I use it sometimes. It does kill your battery though. I don't think there is anything that comes close to Verichat besides Causerie. But I heard it has some issues. I dont like the interface either. I hope Verichat gets resurected in the future.
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    Well, MantraGroup support has started making noise in their forums that a release of Causerie is due out in the next week or two. I'm hopeful about that because they usually aren't very specific about release plans.

    I think the really best of both worlds might be if the Causerie guys would purchase the source from Nokia and integrate the best of each together. I'd be a super happy camper if they pulled something like that off. Just as with Causerie, I had issues with Verichat.

    Only in my case, my Verichat issues resulted in several resets an hour. Had development not ceased and the fixed those, then I would have remained. But as it was, I switched to Causerie because of that. That said, it had several features Causerie still lacks. There simply is no panacea for now...
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    Download latest Causerie 3.2.5 version with SMS and Always On
    Optimizations update from the below link:

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