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    Does anyone else have a creaking IR cover. My TREO 680 on both ends of the IR cover creakes. If I press either of the ends of the cover they give a little, you can push down in the a little. The middle of the IR is fine and solid. I wonder if returning it because of this is worth while. I'm worried that the cover might fall off at some point. The phone has been awesome other wise. The headset speaker and the handsfree speaker could be louder, but using the speaker to play music is loud so I' sure it's the phone app that is at fault. Bluetooth works great and wireless is great no problems. The battery life is improving dramaticly with regular charging. The dilema is do I get a new phone before the 30 day period is up and chance getting a phone with problems or do I keep it and hope the cover never falls off. This is my first Treo and only my second palm product I had a Tungsten C and it had problems with wifi, and from reading this forum it seems like Palm always has some issue with QC in manufacturing of their products. Please help!!!!
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    I have exact same problem with my IR cover...I'm afraid someday it will fall off...
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    Mine is snug, no creak. Copper
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