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    I got the jewel three days ago and as long as it is plugged in to a socket, it makes me happy - and hopefull.

    The pain is:
    the thing does not charge!

    It seems to charge normally: green light on wall socket, red light on Treo 680 - turning after a (too) short while to green.

    But even after 12 hours in the socket (when battery charge is shown as 100%), as soon as I pull the plug, the Treo tells me: "Your battery is EXTREMELY low". And the battery charge then is either 6% or 2%

    Worse: the support from is clearly slower that I would expect.

    A question: is there any support in Europe, even payable?
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    sounds like a defective battery or charger or even palm.

    Try a hard reset and charge again. If it's still doing it, your going to need to swap something.

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