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    I frequently get a reset after Resco scheduled backups. I don't have reset checked but do have flush database checked. The reason this is a minor problem is that I have my backups scheduled for midnight and I am frequently awakened by Verizon's loud splash screen during the reset. I can't silence my Treo then as I use it as a pager.
    Is this desired behavior?
    Is it a consequence of the flush dbase option or some other Resco issue?
    If there is no workaround and it is desirable to flush or reset, I'll just schedule my backups a little earlier.
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    I have a Sprint 650 and I never had a random reset problem with the db cache flush checked. My schedule goes off at 6:40am each morning before the radio turns on. Maybe the radio is a conflict? Or there may be a conflict with the time?? I have read about problems before with 650's related to midnight - I know, that's a REAL technical statement!

    Anyway - sorry I can't offer more help, but I wanted to suggest that you buy Phone Technician - it has lots of cool little features, but it also has a reset silence mode, so if you do have a reset, the radio will turn back on w/o a sound!
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    What device do you have? Ben
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    Quote Originally Posted by bclinger View Post
    What device do you have? Ben
    700P Verizon
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    I have a 700p w/VZW and have been using Resco backup for years (on other devices). I've never had a reset from a scheduled backup. I don't do the reset or flush . . . see no reason to. Hope that helps!
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    I stopped using Resco Backup due to the constant resets on my 650. Happened every time a scheduled backup happened. I moved on to NVBackup and am quite happy with it, although Resco does have some very nice features.

    Maybe I'll resurrect it for my 680 and see what happens. With the extra cache space on this device, it might alleviate some of the problems. If it works, I'll run both backup sets -- got a 4GB card so there's plenty of room, and you can never have too many backups.
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    I have a Sprint 700p and I frequently get resets with Resco Backup. I used to run Resco Locker on my 650 but never did on my 700p. When I switched from another backup program to Resco Backup, I also installed Rlock and that's when the crashes started happening every night right after the backup completed. The crash was in Preferences.c and usually my saved and unsaved prefs were not included in the backup set.

    I then disabled Rlock and the problem mostly went away. I'm really not sure why, but now maybe once a week I get a crash at the end of the backup.


    P.S. another resco backup weirdness that I have is that every night I get the error:
    Bluetooth Trusted Devices Exclusive Open
    and that file does not get backed up.

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