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    Will the Seidio GPS mobile cradle for the 650 work with the 680 ? I'd like to get a new 680 but don't want to lose the GPS cradle.
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    Short Answer...Yes

    I've got the G4850M (from my T650 Days) and here's what I've found using my T680 in it.

    1) Although the bottom of the T680 is narrower & more curved it does fit in the G4850M...It sets back a little bit, and the outside keys are a little more difficult to hit because of that...but it does connect and sits in firmly...

    2) GPS seems to work fine
    3) Charging works fine
    4) Audio Out does not you have to use the T680 speaker (which is much better than the T650 speaker and as good as the G4850 speaker anyway)...I just can't play ptunes through my Car Stereo that I wired up originally
    5) Bluetooth Calling does work!...which it didnt with the T650 w/GSM networks...probably related to #4 (so give and take). I havent researched it yet, but I think Palm changed the audio out wiring...

    I'm curious how the newer G4850T works (if Audio out works (in stereo) and if B/T works)...I also think its molded for the newer (680-like) base...

    Anyway, hope that helps..I'm much happier with the T680...

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