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    When I plug my Palm supplied AC charger into the phone, the external speaker mutes. No alarms (almost missed my flight home ), no music, no sound except that the phone will ring for an incoming call. If I charge using the USB cable, the speaker operates normally. Anyone else having these issues?
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    never have had this problem.

    i use the alarm every morning while the phone is plugged in
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    I'm also having this exact problem.

    What's going on?!?
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    It has to be some third party app setting/conflict. I, and I presume many others, plug my Treo in every night and have an alarm wake me up in the morning.
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    Thanks, Cooneyca - I'm thinking that, too. What software has the ability to mute the speaker while charging?
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    Backup> format> reinstall apps one by one> test, test, test!
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    Thanks, KabukiAssassin, that's a great idea. But...has anyone run into this before? Surely the OP and myself are not the only ones.

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