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    Since I have upgraded to the 680. I have not been able to send files from my iBook to the 680. I get a error that says transfer failed. I have restarted both the iBook and the 680, did a hard reset on the 680 and have repaired both. Anyone else have this issue or know how to fix it? thx.
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    Same problem here. I saw your reply on another post, so I'm just bumping the issue.

    -Bluetooth transfer from Mac (PowerBook and PowerMac Quad G5) to 680 connects, then drops the connection "Transfer failed".
    -Bluetooth transfer from 680 to Mac works.
    -Bluetooth HotSync connects, then drops the connection.

    Not a lot of Windows users even bother with bluetooth on their PCs, so it may take awhile for more people to speak up about the problem.

    Mac users unite!
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    Arrgggghhhhhh, i was hoping that it was something that I was doing wrong. This is annoying.....
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    Bump anyone else having the bluetooth issues?
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    When you mention upgraded to 680, what did you upgrade from? I have the 650 and I can send/receive files via Bluetooth to/from all of my G4 and Intel Macs, whether they have native BT or need a USB BT dongle. Works fine. Maybe this is this just a 680 issue?
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    In my case, upgraded from a Tungsten T3. I had a minor issue where my PowerMac Quad G5 wouldn't let go of the connection after transfer, but files transferred successfully. I realize this isn't a Treo to Treo upgrade, but I figured a Palm to Palm upgrade was relevant enough.

    Cingular and Palm keep making 650 references when I talk to their tech support, neither is ready to support this product yet. The OS and bluetooth are ancient (in techno-time), so I'm a little disappointed with the responses I've received.
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    bluetooth is still messed up. sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.
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    I don't have a 680, but works great on my 650.
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    I got a Treo 680 yesterday and seem to have the same problem:
    - File transfers from the MacBook Pro start but then fail before they're finished. Sending very small files (a few KB) usually works but any bigger and the Treo seems to just disconnect.
    -Hotsyncing over bluetooth doesn't work either: starts fine but then the Treo reports a lost connection. (I'm using Missing Sync)

    Just for the record, everything works fine with a Palm TX and used to work when I still had a Treo 650 an iBook.

    Haven't used it with a BT headset yet.

    I have a feeling this may be a Treo 680-specific problem (Mine: Firmware MW01.50 - Software TRE0680-1.04-ROW - Unlocked GSM)
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    The solution to this problem is as follows (please test out and let me know if you find this works as well and what exactly you did)

    1) Turn-off Bluetooth in the Bluetooth app.
    2) Exit the Bluetooth application (you shouldn't have to do a soft-reset here, but you can try it)
    3) Turn-on Bluetooth in the Bluetooth app.
    4) Send the file again.

    It worked with many different file sizes (3-14 megs)

    I hope this helps, it is the only reason I registered here (to post the solution).
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    my 680 and iMac intel sync with relatively few glitches my main problem is bluetooth on the 680 is always turning off . sometimes after a sync my mac totally freaks and goes into some crash mode asking to be restarted by button but I think that only happens with USB sync

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