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    I'm obviously not real saavy or I would be able to figure this out. Does anyone here use a 680 with Verizon? Thanks
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    Verizon and Sprint are on the CDMA network. The Treo 680 is a GSM phone.
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    Nope, won't work. All 680s use GSM technology, which will only work on Cingular and T-Mobile networks in the U.S. You would need to modify the hardware to use it on Verizon or Sprint, which use CDMA. Not practical.

    Treo 650 - Cingular GSM
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    I'm sure she's more savvy now. So that means that GSM phones will work with Cingular or T-Mobile. GSM phones are the predominant standard in many--I'd say most--countries of the world, so if you want a phone that will work (almost) seamlessly across borders, especially in Europe, a GSM phone is necessary. CDMA phones simply won't work there. GSM phones also use "SIM" cards making it easy to change numbers or accounts. Just get a new SIM card wherever you are, plug it in, and you've got a local phone in that area. On the other hand, CDMA networks, especially here in the US, have more advanced "3G" connections which makes data transmission substantially faster. Now you're more savvy, or less depending upon how accurate I've been.
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    Thanks for the quick and helpful replies.

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