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    Hello all. So I'm trying to transder a few MP3s from my desktop computer to my Treo 650. I currently have Realplayer Version 1.6.0 on my Treo 650. I tried to xfer some MP3s from my desktop computer onto my 650, but it didn't work. I called tech support at RealPlayer and they said "you need to have version 1.6.1." However, in order to download version 1.6.1 you have to sign up for a "Real music network account" which requires Credit card info.

    Is there a way around this? Does anyone have the small Treo 650 version 1.6.1 program they could email me?

    Is there another MP3 player for the Treo 650?

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    Pocket Tunes

    The cc # for RealPlayer is to just get you set up at their store. The player is free.
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