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    I use Tungsten. The Red is close (bit darker) to Crimson™
    Crimson™Waiting for Battery Fixes to buy again...
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    I have a zlauncher theme that matches my copper 680. It is basically the windows vista theme with an orange wallpaper.
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    Quote Originally Posted by atg View Post
    I use Tungsten. The Red is close (bit darker) to Crimson™
    I have the Graphite Treo 680, but I too use the Tungsten Color theme, because they are Scarlet & Gray, the colors of a College Football team that is popular in this neck of the woods.

    Now if they had a Chicago Bears Profile, that would be even better, because I have been a Bear fan my whole life, being born and raised in Chicago (greatest City in the world). Now my wallpaper? That's a whole different story!!!
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    Copper using the Desert color theme and LauncherX with the background color matching the color the theme uses for the buttons.
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    I've got a Copper with this PalmRevolt skin:
    <img src="" border=0>
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    Crimson - Velvet
    Graphite - Silver

    Glad I'm not the only Geek doing this kind of thing ;-)
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    my baby is copper and i'm using the orange theme lol. i have launcherx too---too bad there isn't an orange theme for it!
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    Unfortunately I have the Graphite device - I wasn't aware of the UNlocked units available in Color until after I had this - I am rather passionate about RED and that Crimson is gorgeous!. OH well, as long as I finally get a Treo that works I'll be happy! So yes, right now I have picked "Steel" theme to match my Treo.

    But If I take the plunge for one of those Red Vaja cases - I'll switch over.

    My phone wall paper looks cool too - its a picture I drew years ago:
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