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    Just arrived and some impressions. I purchased Brown because I think it goes well with Crimson™

    1. Due to the size of the device, the leather strip across the device under the screen is very thin. So are both both corner strips. However, with care, they shouldn't be a problem. But, if one was to snag the front strip on something while moving fast, it would rip off or deform very badly.

    2. The vertical edges on the sides of the screen are puckered a bit. I'm hoping that over time they will flatten and conform.

    3. The metal snap at the top is not the highest grade fastener I've ever seen, but will probably work ok. It snaps down tight..just not as tight/hard as I'd like to see. If I don't do too many matings, it will be fine.

    4. Fit - The case fits the 680 like a glove. VERY tight. NO aftermarket "frankenbatterycases" on this thing...

    5. Stamp cutout along the left edge for the Vol/Soft key allows good access to the soft key, but a strip between both Volume buttons gets in the way of the top vol key.

    6. Ear speaker is nicely exposed. The LED hole matches up, but I have to slide the case a bit sideways to do it. This is less than a nit since I don't want to see the LED anytime anyway

    7. Camera/Speakerphone cutouts - Camera and mirror are nicely framed. The speakerphone grill opening is a bit smaller than the speaker, and the die cutting is a bit lopsided. Nobody sees this most of the time but still...

    8. The bottom of the device is nicely exposed. All ports are easily accessible and no attachment snags.

    9. Belt clip post and clip - The post attachment is a big hurking gob of metal This thing aint' going nowhere Base is tightly sewn down into device. The clip has a very strong spring steel return for strength, and a lower "u" return so it can snag on your belt to keep the device ON your belt.

    10. Keypad framing - The only place the device interferes with action is the bottom key row. Talk/End buttons sometimes are impeded by the upper cross strip, but I feel this will be less an issue as the case conforms. The bottom key row issue will also probably be alleviated with time as the case molds to the phone shape, and the case deforms down. Sena did a good job with it nonetheless given the small form factor, and lack of edge space they have to work with on the 680

    All in all, not a bad case. I'm happy to have something covering the device and this does nicely. I think it's a bit overpriced compared to what Fortte usually puts out, but since it's the only nice case out for the 680 (that I like), I'll take it. I will, however, still seriously consider the Fortte case when it comes out.

    I would give this case an 8.5 out of 10.


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    Crimson™Waiting for Battery Fixes to buy again...
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    Case is going back.

    The case is too big for the 680. There is a gap under the top snap flap between 1/8" and 1/4". The device slides up and down in the case and it's a hassle to keep shifting it back into position. Also, the edges of the case intefere with sytlus tapping along vertical edges of the screen.

    Also, the leather is thinly cut, which means the case has no rigidity.

    Nice leather though
    Crimson™Waiting for Battery Fixes to buy again...

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