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    Lunar Lander Simulator now 50% OFF!

    Blue Diamond 50% now OFF!

    Hello guys,

    Yes, Christmas is around the corner! To celebrate in style, it is my pleasure to annonce that both Lunar Lander Simulator and Blue diamond are a cool 50% off for a limited time.

    The very realistic Lunar Lander Simulator is now $7.50 and can be found here at the TreoCentral store:

    The game of chance and timing,Blue Diamond, is now $4.95 and can be found here:

    This special offer ends December 20th

    2006 is the year I started programming for the Palm/Zodiac devices and all I can tell is that I had a blast! Thank you for all for the help, the nice comments. I appreciated it very much. Look for even better things in 2007!


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    Hello guys,

    I have decided to extend the special 50% off until January 1st,2007! What a heck, this is does not happen often so we may as well start the new year right!

    Enjoy the savings and happy holidays to all!


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