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    And now, let me tell you all another story if you are considering buying TomTom. If I didn't know better, I would guess that both Palm and TT are the same company, because they would tie in any contest for the absolutely worst-managed company in the world. I have been through several Treos starting with TT5, and now TT6. The hassle they give you for activating maps you already bought and paid for is unbelievable. I am going to switch at the first opportunity I find something equal or better in GPS. First of all, you can do none of this on the web, unless you have already activated and haven't changed hardware--in other words, if you somehow lose your code, you can go look it up. But if, like me, you change Treos--even if you change because Palm has replaced a defective unit--you have to do it by phone. The first call I made this time around (I've been through this several times), they put me on hold for 15 minutes and finally told me they couldn't do it as the "activation unit" was on vacation that day, volunteering to me that "we don't know what vacation it is," because it was an ordinary Monday. The next day I called back and went through three different people--and two and a half hours ( 2 1/2 hours!!)--on the phone before I got someone who claimed to have given me new activation numbers. Naturally, that didn't work--only on my newest map. The old European maps wouldn't work with the new activation numbers. Back to the phone. Another hour and more to get another person who scolded me, warning me that next time they would want a "receipt" for my new phone. When you do an exchange with Palm, though, you don't get a receipt, you just get an authorization to send your old phone back. The scold told me that they've done this many times and of course you get a receipt. You don't.

    So what is that, about four hours and several days wasted, just to get the code that activates the software you already bought and paid for. And of course, there is the continuing very express threat that they will not activate more than two phones--even if you get several defectives from Palm. Plus, even in their newest maps, there are still plenty of streets unnamed, wrong way, and nonexistent,and for that they hassle you because they don't deliver on their sale. If I were getting a new app, it wouldn't be this one.
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    More troubles with Navigator, perhaps somebody can help me. I somehow reinstalled Navigator because TomTOm Home said it should be updated, though I think it is the same version. But now my five way doesn't work again. I tried using the Palm patch, but it doesn't give me any functionality with the 5 way except vertical. Can somebody walk me through this again? I don't know where to find the appropriate munich, data.chk, and start files. Whatever I'm using doesn't get me back to where I was. Any help? Anyone?
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    can't help you with your 5-way problem.

    but I just wanted to note, while I had similar issues, my experience with TT tech support was much different.

    I needed to do a number of things -- basically changing to a new device (my third, after a 650 and the first 680) and installing a newer version of European maps than my old TomTom version apparently supported. I don't think anyone would argue that generating TomTom's device codes is not a Byzantine process. however, the folks I dealt with were patient and genuinely seemed to do they best they could. (though it might have helped that I gave myself plenty of time before I was traveling to the UK and so course afford to be patient myself.)

    one woman in particular was remarkably expert and took me through the process of activating TomTom6 maps on my TomTom5, which I thought was really cool. while they weren't 100% flawless they did a spectacular job getting me around Scotland for three weeks.

    I can't say I haven't been frustrated with TomTom, because I remember the seemingly endless problems getting it to behave at first (and having the number of favorites limited to 10 or whatever it is is a pita) but IMO once it's running it's great.
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    well, they actually threatened me with not giving me an activation code unless i sent the Palm replacement receipt--but because it was a replacement there was no receipt. Then they gave in. So why make the threat? I really don't care much anymore because ...well, let's say there are other alternatives.....
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    I have just spent 2 weeks following the TT Support Team instructions to get TTN6 running on my Treo 680. Please note it worked reasonably well on my Treo 650 until the 650 died. I am in the UK and my Treo is 2 weeks old.

    Issues unresolved.

    • It will only work on a 1GB card but only after a re-boot of Treo.
    • The phone switches to power save after 15 minutes so doesn't stay on even when on power.
    • After unlocking phone GPS device is lost and will only reconnect after re-boot.
    • Traffic takes for ever to update and locks phone - battery out again.
    • When exiting TTN6 normally the Palm clock is the same time when TTN6 was started.

    I am afraid I have bought a Cheap and Cheerful Garmin Nuvi 310DT Europe.

    From pressing the on button, I am up and running in no more than 20 seconds that includes aquiring a GPS signal. Planning a route from Essex to North Wales takes about 8 seconds as opposed to 15 minutes with TTN6. Traffic is updated by an FM Ariel supplied in the box.....
    I downloaded the POIs and Cameras from PocketGPS and installed them - Why have I bothered with TTN6 for all this time?
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    Thanks to mdavis and a **** load of ppl ... my 680 is running blazin' speed w/ tomtom since i got it last year. I'm using a 2GB card formated to 16k sectors.
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    Great job tomtastic. I had almost given up and had the Palm GPS Navigator kit packed ready to goback to Palm. That's when I ran into your posting and thank heavens it works.
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    im sorry but i don't much time to back read the thread. i hope someone can post the link where the tomtom6 nav updater for treo 680 can be found. the one in the old link can no longer be found. thanks.
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    TomTom is driving me sane. I have a TT 1 third edition and the unit turns itself on. Not a good idea for a unit with such a short battery life. I have been complaining to TT for the pst several months, and they offered to rehab my unit. Here is the big rub. I live on the west coast, and bought my unit on the west coast. My brother and his daughter live on the east coast. My brother is in FL and my niece is in MD. Both of them have TT 1's third edition, and they both hae the same problem. Neither of them has sqwaked their respective GPS to TT, but isn't it ironic, that 3 different units, bought from three different location have the identical malady. I am of the opinion that the uncommanded turn on is an endemic problem with TomTom, but they will not address the issue.
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    Followed instructions (or so I thought)

    Inserted microSD card into adapter and then into TREO 680

    Went through all the steps...registered up to the tutorial thingy on my 680.....and then kaput. Now every time I tap on the TT logo on the screen I get:

    1. the green legal notice screen to which I tap "agree"

    and then

    2. "select a map" screen, I choose USA/Canada to which I tap "done"

    Then the screen goes back to my original TREO "All" menu.

    I have AT&T PDA unlimited DATA plan.

    Gettin' 4 bars reception....

    Do I tap "web" to get onto the internet and then tap TT icon?

    Do I get off of web and turn the phone on and then tap TT icon?

    Any help would be appreciated 'cause I'm startin' to get ticked off about this purchase.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Quote Originally Posted by euroclie View Post
    Get the file directly from this link:

    Link is at page 5 #91

    (direct link provided by Dirk on PalmInfoCenter)

    This update link is still there.
    It works on my Palm Treo Centro for the auto rest problem while star the TomTom Navigator 6.
    And the 5-way key pad is work perfect.
    You just need download and unzip it.
    Then copy the files to your SD card folders \tomtom\ and \palm\Launcher\ .
    After that insert SD card to your palm and start it again.

    Thanks euroclie and ****
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