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    I have just bought a T680 to replace my well used T650. I didn't hesitate buying the T680 because I was acustomed to Palm devices having very good suppoort for danish national characters. Then when i started the T680 I discover that one very important danish character the letter "" - that is a O with a full stroke through - is missing .

    All the other national characters of Denmark and other nordic contries is there but this very important one is missing - both the normal and the capital version.

    Does anybody know a way to extract the characterset from my old T650 and replace the characterset in the new T680 so I can get this national character back.

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    Have a look at this thread :

    I assume you are missing the letter /?
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    I see the lower case under 0-alt (that's zero).
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    Hi Jens,

    As suggested above, ShortCut5 (1.7) is exactly what you need. And then hotsync in a memopad note with the capital and copy-paste into a shortcut named "O". Then writing ".O" makes it appear - it's fantastic!
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    and what if you have to write the chars .O right after each other? Perhaps in a password? or something? (not my password ofc. it is *******)

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