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    I have searched multiple forums on the site and want to know a definite answer. Can the 650 transfer files by OBEX with Verizon as your service provider? I have heard from form sources yes and some no. Along with this I have heard that you can use mp3 rintones natively and with third party vendors, which of these is true. I apologize if I have not searched in the right places but before I buy this device for my wife for x-mas I would like to know. Thank you so much.
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    As referring to the statement above I ask about obex on Verizon because I know how they like to cripple their bluetooth I know that Cingular does not, but does Verizon on their model?
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    If by OBEX, you mean just bluetooth file transfers (both ways) between the Treo and a PC, that works fine on a Verizon 650.

    Verizon crippled bluetooth on the 650 to block dial-up networking, but the famous shadowmite hack (free) and 3rd party programs (USB modem, PDAnet) (not free) get around that (yes USB modem works with Bluetooth as well as USB connections.)

    MP3 ringtones work fine using miniTones (free program.)
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    thank you so much for the reply

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