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    Hey Marc,

    In general, do you suggest people stick to the stable updates? I've been having some mystery resets with my new 680 and after posting about it elsewhere on the forums, someone suggested I get the latest beta of Chatter and it may resolve the issue, even though I had just installed the latest Stable version. I realized that I always opt for the Stable update when it asks, as I crave stability in my Treo. If there are issues going on, am I always better off with the Beta?
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    I use beta's. They are very stable (IMO).
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    Beta vesions of Chatter are a safe bet.

    I've used Chatter for years - always on the Beta versions. Early on there were resets, but Marc is such a responsive developer issues don't remain for long.

    I don't think I've had a beta-version reset for some time - maybe over a year (and I use Chatter a lot)
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    At this point, the beta and stable versions are VERY similar... Both very stable.

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    Same response here. Ben
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    I agree, the betas are very stable.

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