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    I want an SD card for my new Treo 680 (first-timer), but I don't know what size to get - 2GB or 4GB? I know that mostly all the 2GB cards work and it seems that the Transcend 4B has work for everyone who has tried it. I want to put an Emulator and games on there, some tv shows and/or movies, and minimal music. I won't be putting hardly any space for pictures and this card will be used strictly with my phone. Any suggestions? Thanks!
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    Minimum 2GB for what you describe. You can get some great deals right now. Best Buy had SanDisk Blue 2GB SDs for $29.99 at Thanksgiving.

    I just bought one of the Transcend 150X 4GBs for my hacked Treo 650 (FAT32) for $85. It is slower than my 2GB on writes and file creates. Music plays well, but I do not know about video playback, although my pictures pop up faster than my 2GB.

    I would go for the 4GB of space, but video playback is my only question for you to verify.

    Cheers, Perry.
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    Can you play video with your new Transcend 4GB and let me know if it plays ok? I know you have a 650, but it's a start.
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    Full screen videos captured with the Treo = play the same.

    SpiderMan Movie Trailer (1/2 screen rectangle) = plays the same (Kinoma as the player.)
    LOL -- Kinoma 2.2.2 (never know what you will find in the archives.)

    I have no full screen movies loaded.

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