I have a Treo 650 with Palm Media v2.0.0.71. Recently, I began getting a Hotsync error message:

Unable to sync media file 'Video_092405_002.3gp' on desktop. Error code: 32

I tried deleting the file from the Treo, resyncing and loading an older version from a backup copy. No luck. Finally, I tried switching Media to "Handheld overwrites Desktop. Then I got:

Unable to sync media file 'Video_092405_002.3gp' on the card. Error code: 10801

I tried Palm support (it is, after all, their software) but they apparently don't provide support for questions not in the KnowledgeBase.

Anyone got any ideas? It worked for a long time. The video was shot with the Treo. So why can't it sync now?