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    i agree that battery life is crap, but is there a reason that someone can't just create a higher capacity battery that still fits in the original case? there's no way i'm going to put a hump-back whale looking case cover on the back of my phone just to get a longer battery life! totally kills the form factor! i guess i'll have to just buy a second battery. would be cool if someone would come out with a cradle that allows you to charge a second battery at the same time

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    I believe Siedio is working on something for the 680 --- 1200 mAh to xxxx mAh, just like they did for the 650 -- going from the 1800 stock battery up to 2200 and 2400 in the same size factor.

    As for the second battery charging cradle . . . . I thought that was out there. . . .

    Cheers, Perry.
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    Check this:

    The Treo cradle does charge a 2nd battery at the same time. Right now Palm is even offering a bundled Treo 680 battery and cradle together for $30 off.

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