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    Is there a list of Codes for the Treo 680 somewhere? If not, lets get one started.

    *#06# - IMEI Number
    *#*#unlock code# - apply unlock code

    What else?
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    #*377 - System Error Log
    Solution ID: 28998 (
    "When an event causes the Treo 650 or 600 to crash, your smartphone resets itself and stores the reason for the crash in a special error log.

    Most often, when a crash occurs, the automatic reset (equivalent to restarting your desktop computer) is sufficient to resolve the problem. Sometimes, however, you might notice that your smartphone has been crashing repeatedly. In that case, you might find it helpful to access the error log and try to identify the application causing the problem."

    #*49878 - Troubleshooter
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