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    quick question. previous WM Samsung i700 user, had voice and Data, browsed internet just fine.

    Now T650, still have and paying for Data ($25 plan - light user)- as far as I know but when I try to connect, I get signing on, then after a period of time, I get a timeout error - never have been able to logon and surf.

    do I need something else configured?? Current config says National Access and is locked by carrier (VZW) (can't make changes to config)

    Do I need addtional SW other than what's on the phone??
    thanks for help. v/r -g
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    My only suggestion is to go into a Verizon store and see if your data plan is still intact and how to configure the Treo -- Blazer should connect without additional settings.

    Maybe some Verizon users will have a quick fix for you . . . . .

    As always, monitor your data usage if you are not on an unlimited plan -- you do not need any big $$ surprises.

    Cheers, Perry.
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    Finally got to a V Store to check out my Internet connectivity issue. Here's what the Tech had me do: Dial *22899. This did some kind "update" to my phone which allowed me to connect via Blazer successfully. This was not *228 option 1 - programming or option 2 - update roaming -- I do option 2 already everytime I travel to my folks area since I'm on extended network apparently using Alltels towers.

    The other thing the tech said which did not turn out to be valid for my situation was by dialing *22803 in my "extended network" area would cause my phone to flip back to Verizon. This didn't work. It flips to No Service then goes back to Ext Net. But I'm still able to use the Internet in my home (Ext Net) area though. Apparently Bellsouth (AT&T) has this area on lock until 2010.

    At any rate, funny how the 1-800 CSRs were not able to tell me this fix on the phone - 6 mos ago! thx -g

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