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    guys.. i found new bug found in 680. I tried everything around it and i suggest you try it yourself and see... if someone in Palm is reading this... you should be ashamed of these silly bugs.

    1. Create a new contact with the first name starts with "A" and the last starts with "Wi.." For example Alan Wilby.
    2. Put a mobile number for that contact
    3. Go to SMS application
    4. Create New messages
    5. in the name,type: AWilby, or Alan or Wilby.. The phone will NOT find the contact!

    You can send an sms by going to the contacts and searching the name (which will be found)... but in SMS application.. it cannot work!

    Please let me know if i am the only one unable to find this name in SMS.
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    Works on mine .... I hope everyone else's 680 can find it.
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    Works fine on mine.
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    Strange! I changed the category from unfiled to Personal.. it worked!
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    it should work regardless of what the category is
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    WORKS FINE ON MINE (just thought I would continue the uppercase hyperbole theme :-)

    I admit that there is a slight delay during the lookup the first time you append Alan Wilby to contacts. I took the steps at the top and categorized the new contact as personal. When i addressed a new sms using awi, Alan Wilby did not appear for a full second. On any subsequent attempts to use the contact shorcut awi, it came up right away. My guess is that the indexation of any new entries only happens for new entries when you go to use the quick lookup.
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    Shame on some for not looking into this stuff, before accusing palm of bugs bugs...Just my thought! I think the 680 is a great product. NOOOO I do NOT work for palm.

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