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    I haven't synchronized my Treo 650 with a computer for years, but I do synch my Treo completely every day with Backup Buddy on an SD card that I keep at home.
    If I get a brand-new 680, stick the SD card into it (that holds all my 650 data) and hit "Restore", would it be too optimistic to think everything should work just fine on the 680?

    Anyone try it?
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    No, If you restore 650's Saved and unsaved Pref to the 680 I guess it's the end of line.

    Instead you can try restoring other individual DBs like contacts, memos and SMS. But this wouldn't get your device a hotsync name. Then a gain you can't register any of your software.
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    I would follow the sticky thread for a clean migration and then if you are REALLY LAZY (like me), you could use the Restore Application function ONE AT A TIME. However, be aware that if you restore an application with a DB that is incompatible with the 680, you could create a very unstable device.
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