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    I was diggin around for kool oldskool RPG's and I came across kpool's Kyle's quest, it looks DOPE. but all their screen shots are from a color screen.. would it work on a vDx? an one tried it? I noticed ou can expand the adventures by uploading more.. thats cool,
    overall anyone who has it recommend it?
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    I have played that game on my BVD, and it worked fine on it. The demo mode of the game allows you to do everything but save your games. It's worth trying, even if you don't buy.
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    you tried kyle on your BVD?!?! is that like underwear? well thanx for the tip man, I'm checkin it out as we speak. other titles i've been wnodering about are, dragonbane, & iRogue.. let alone that new one by the creators of kyle's quest. Solskia.. anybody now if that'll work on a VdX? i hope so..
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    Why not look at the system requirements? Almost everything will work on a Deluxe except those that specifically require OS 3.5, which very few do - probably 1%.
    Matt Nichols
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    I tried out Kyle's quest a while back when I had a VDx, and I must say that it was a very good game for the hardware that it worked on. But I am not much of an RPG game person, so I took it off, and replaced it with klondike.

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    My understand is that a new advanced version 2.0 will be released soon, but its estimated shipping date was Feb so...
    Matt Nichols

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