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    I am considering delving into ebooks and wonder what they look like on screen.

    Is there a screenshot somewhere?

    Also, as I have never attempted using ebooks before, is it just a matter of going to palm gear and downloading one or do I have to have some other software first?

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    Some have pictures, some do not have pictures. It would be safe to say they look like plain old text files. As for downloading the reader, I would go to and download the regular reader - as for ebooks, there are scads and scads of places to look; is a good place to start at. Ben

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    Ebooks are great. Always with you.
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    Go to and get the free mobipocket reader. Then take yourself over to, go to the free library, and download a book for free. If you like sci fi or fantasy, then odds are you will even find a book you want to read. I used to spend $30-$50 a month on books at b&N but now read almost exclusivly on my treo via i spend $10-$20 a month on books from fictionwise, baen and others as well as spend time on newsgroups to get my reading material.
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    They look like pdf or txt files.
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    what format do you download for the mobipocket reader?
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    Thanks to all for the thoughtful and helpful replies. That gives me a good place to start.
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    I had my doubts about the small screen, but found I adapted instantly. Its just as fast as reading a paperback, and much more convenient. I can read at night, when we travel,without a light on while my wife sleeps. Instead of your eyes scanning the pages, the pages change before the fixed visual point.

    I still like books, but this gives me a perfectly viable option...I don't feel as if I'm missing something. do we go about swapping books with each other when we're done with them like you do with real books (which cost the same)? Just like buying a DVD (which is also just a bunch of 1s and 0s) and letting a friend borrow it. If we have to pay book prices, we should be able to treat them like books. Ever been to a hostel...leave a book, take a book.
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