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    I have just recently bought a Treo 650 and when I try to hotsync it with my computer it gives me 60 secs to enter my handheld password. Can anyone tell me where i can find a handheld password? Im lost.
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    Is this a brand new Treo? There is a built-in application called Security which allows you to set a password to hide Private records (eg contacts). If there was a previous owner they could have set this. I doubt this is causing the problem though, because on my 650, hotsync doesnt request a password even if I have set one in Security. But if need be, you can easily get rid of any forgotten/unknown password in Security - (just click on "lost password") - all it means is that you then cant access any of the hidden records.

    Another possibility is mentioned in this thread:

    Did a system admin person help you install PalmDesktop and perhaps add in a password during installation? Ive never see this option myself, but that could be due to the way my computer network is set up.

    If this isnt the case, I would still start by reinstalling PalmDesktop and look out for any options along the way.



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