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    It was running at about 1.5%/hour discharge rate today for most of the day. Then the phone calls and mail started rolling in at the end of the day and it went up to 4% or 5% an hour.

    Like I said, don't know if this is the solution for everyone but it's really working well for me.

    And, deep discharge means I kept using the 680 until the message pops up that says "battery is low - shutdown in 15 seconds" with no option to do anything excpet let it happen then plug it in. I charged overnite about 7 hours, which I always do anyway.

    The other thing I've noticed this evening is that trickle charge top-ups are going much faster.

    woohoo !!!
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    From what I've seen around, you could try Chatter 3.0...
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    Try downloading a 600+MB Linux (or any) .iso. That will do it pretty effectively

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    how do you perform the 2 draining of the you just let the message always prompt you for 2 days..
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    2 full discharges. Run the battery in a normal day which was leaving me around 10 to 20% around evening. Then start using the phone to drain the battery past zero% till it shuts itself off. Mine ran for 30 minutes after reaching 0% on the first night.

    After it shuts off, recharge. Your battery life ought to improve. Then do it again......
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