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    I have CorePlayer on my 680, (which plays AAC files from my Mac), so there's really no reason for me to have pTunes on my Treo 680. Anybody have any ideas on how to uninstall/delete the pTunes program from the 680?
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    they say you can't (easily at least) as it's in the ROM and not RAM of the treo...
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    Correct. Pocket Tunes is in ROM. Until there is a ROM tool that works on the 680, you are stuck with the apps that came with it. That said, Pocket Tunes is very, very nice. Plus the music pack, (which came free with my Treo) came with Pocket Tunes Deluxe Upgrade. So... I can stream audio for free! Kinoma does this as well, but the Pocket Tunes interface is nicer.
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    I use a Mac, and the pTunes CD upgrade that came w/ my 680 was for Windows. no upgrade for me, that's why I chose Coreplayer, and wanted to dump the pTunes altogether. plus, pTunes didn't play my AAC files, and I didn't feel like converting them to mp3s just so they would play.

    anyway, looks like I'll have to just wait until there is a ROM tool to get rid of that.....yeah, when freezes over!

    thx anyway

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