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    I am having trouble setting up my SE HBH-660 BT headset (worked fine with the T650 and is listed as a compatible device for the T680 on palm's website).

    I can pair the device no problem, but when I am on a call I do not hear anything through the headset, and I can answer/hang up phone calls using the headset's button. I also tried pairing the T680 with my laptop using BT - I can send text files from the laptop to the treo, but not from the treo to the laptop.

    Anyone else experiencing similar issues? Any advice will be greatly appreciated! Cheers!
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    I just started having the same issue with a HBH-662! It worked at one point because I remember checking me vmail and it was fine. I just had a late conference call and as you've described, it appears to connect and the BT headset icon shows the phone sees the HBH-662 bit nobody can hear me and I cannot hear them. I've tried deleting the thing and repairing to no avail.
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    Weird stuff. So I deleted the HBH-662 and turn off the headset while resetting the 680 (with mReset). As the 680 was starting I turned on the headset and was prompted by the 680 to enter the pairing pin - this was odd since I never went into the BT setup on the 680 at all. In any event, it paired and I just tried it and now it works. Flakey. Very flakey.
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    I had the same basic problem with my HBH300. I was actually on a conf call for just over an hour and it suddenly died - no one could hear me even though I could hear them. Was a major pain.

    Since then, I've done everything from deleting the files in FileZ and re-pairing the device to a soft reset and re-pair but can't get the headset to work at all now. Haven't had time to really dive into this and see if I can get it to work at all, but nothing I've tried so far has worked. Glad I got the music pack so I'd have a slightly decent headset to work with, even though it is wired...
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    Sounds like there may be some BT problems that Palm will have to address in the first ROM update. Isn't BT a problem for the 700P as well? Not sure what the issues are but I've heard that the 700p has several BT issues.

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