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    I'm currently using the T-Mobile Total Internet with HotSpot data plan ($29.99). I've heard I can use Blackberry Unlimited plan ($19.99) - since I do not need/want HotSpot. Is this true? Will it work with ActiveSync? (I assume so since ActiveSync is using port 443.)

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    Oooh. Me too. I like Hotspots but that just encourages me to be a Starbucks Monkey so I can use it (gotta get my money's worth out of that extra $10.00).
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    I meant to write, "I do not need Hotsopt..."

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    You can use the $5.99 T-Mobile Web for that matter. I use it and have access to everything I need. If all you need is streaming, HTTP, email,'re overpaying T-Mobile.

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