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    It's been four months since the last posts about the icon flicker that has been noticed by many, which is most visible in the phone app; the locator, battery icon, the grayed out BT icon all flicker intermittantly. At that time, in spite of a supposed fix via a keyboard controller app, no solution was found. I am a new 700P owner and have noticed this frequently; I wish I had tried to notice it before I loaded up with apps, but turning off the locator, BT, IR port....nothing really seems to help it and it appears to be very random. Has anyone figured this out? Is it only a problem for the lucky few, or does everyone have this? I admit, it's pretty subtle, and doesn't seem to affect my battery usage, but it's really irritating.
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    I am a new 700p owner (Sprint) and have the exact same thing. Figured it was something to do either with Bluetooth or Evdo but I agree it is annoying.
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    I'll try to give a technical (dumbed down I hope) interpretation of this event.

    The PalmOS is an event driven OS, kind of like a human (being event driven that is). When you tap the screen, an event is triggered. When you press a button, an event is triggered. The system can be setup to trigger an event (nilEvent) even when no event is occurring. This is how many programs operate off of (Universe uses the nilEvent to process all the active functions of a web browser).

    By using EventInspector, I have determined that the GPS and Data Connection Indicator (1x or EVDO) refresh on every nilEvent. They flicker because the system redraws that bitmap everytime (maybe it should only on a state change...). The battery icon refresh not quite as often. The bluetooth and signal strength icons refresh even less.

    So, you aren't really seeing anything weird. Leaving your phone at this screen can cause a slight increase in battery usage because of the constant processor use. My advice is don't just leave your phone idling at the phone screen. Turn it off when it is not being used.

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    Thanks....that's the first explanation I've seen that makes sense....and I'm especially glad I'm not the only one that has it.....
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    My 650 did it and the 700p is, too! Both through Sprint.

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