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    Used to be the new carrier branded Treos were in the brick and mortar stores a day or two after release. Now the carriers seem to be holding onto them. Bought my 650 about 36 hours after Cingular had them. Visited my local "Cingular Only" store last night and their "availability and pricing" page still says "coming soon".

    Anyone have any idea when Cingular's 680 will "hit the streets" ? Seems Cingular really shafting its dealers just before XMas season.

    And before ya ask, I always do business with independent brick and mortar cell phone stores simply because, in my experience, I get the best deals and best 650 was $75 cheaper than any other place I seen it, online or otherwise and I did that with 1 year contract instead of two.
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    As far as I can tell, I think the cingular corporate stores are hoarding the supply
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    No doubt figuring if they want it for holidays, they gonna have to pay more .
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    The Cingular store at the King of Prussia Mall has had them for the the last week, so has the Cingular store on Chestnut St in Philly.

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