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    Sprint plans to launch a faster cellular Internet service today in Orange County. Download speeds will increase to 450-800 kbps, from 400-700 kbps. But more importantly, upload speeds will jump 4- to 8-times to 300-400 kbps, from 50-70 kbps.
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    That would be nice, but I think their talking about the new REV which we don't have....
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    It is Rev A. If y ou continue reading here's what it says
    "Sprint competes with Verizon Wireless. Both use data technology called Evolution Data Optimized, or EV-DO, a third-generation or 3G data network. The latest EV-DO upgrade, called Revision A, is what improves the upload speed for the Sprint service."
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    Unfortunately none of the Treo's support this since they require a different radio to support this new Revision. Rev A has been discussed here on treocentral. Just search for it.

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