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    Well after a long wait i recieved my 680 today..whee. But that was short lived, first my CD wouldnt work (soon sorted that out) but the killer is this...

    Almost every time i go to enable the BlueTooth the 680 19 times out of 20. So i thought it must be software based. Ive hard reset a few times, tried it without the sim, without the SD card but still the same result. Try to enable the BT and bang its just resets.

    I loaded reset doctor to see if i could see a reason and every time it logs it all i get is....

    System Crash
    (date and time)
    "Fatal Exception"

    Has ANYONE experienced this with their fresh out of ideas
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    First of all, my 680 is rock solid (two weeks now) EXCEPT for the bluetooth. I am having the following issues:

    1) Unable to transfer files from 2 different Macs to the 680. It connects progresses for 1 second then drops the connection. Sending from 680 to Macs works fine. (been doing this for the last 2 years with my TT3, RAZR)

    2) Unable to BT HotSync. It starts then drops the connection. (using MissingSync, just like with my TT3)

    3) When attempting to pair my headset (been using it with 2 other phones just fine) the 680 resets. (intermittent problem)

    4) When a successful pairing has been established, an incoming call will cause the 680 to reset while connecting to the headset. (intermittent problem)

    5) When successfully paired with my headset, will drop the headset connection. (intermittent problem)

    I called Cingular. They told me to call Motorola (not even using a Motorola product). Motorola forwarded me to Palm. Palms voice prompts state that you have to contact Cingular for tech support or you will be charged. Cingular Customer Service sent me to Data Support. Data Support transferred me to Technical Support. Technical Support transferred me to Palm Technical Support (same voice prompt came on). I ignored the voice prompts and reached a human. The human (in India) dropped my call back to the beginning of the voice prompt. A second human (in India) answered and dropped me back to the beginning of the voice prompt. The third human (in India) told me to:

    - Back up my 680
    - Perform a Hard Reset
    - Test all bluetooth connections before doing any synching
    - Call back with the results

    I'm going to try a fresh start tonight.

    Anybody else having issues with their 680 and bluetooth?
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    if your having bluetooth connectivity issues or bluetooth resets, try this
    (works with other Treos)

    1: press Home button then go to Bluetooth application.
    2: select Setup Devices then Trusted Devices.
    NOTE: If your device is not on the list, then its the reason why your not connecting. Go directly to step 5.
    If is there, the pairing could be corrupt so you need to pair it up again.
    3: Select headset and tap Details then tap Delete Device
    4: Tap Done twice
    5: Tap Off to turn of Treo 680 bluetooth.
    6: Press the Home button and tap on the clock (upper left of the screen)
    7: Select Delete
    8: Delete Bluetooth Device Cache and Bluetooth Prefs Backup.
    NOTE: If you cant delete it, soft reset your Treo.

    Once done..
    9: Turn bluetooth back on.
    10: Go to Setup Devices and then Trusted Devices
    11: Add device and make sure to select Nearby Device
    12: Make sure your headset is on pairing mode (see headset manual)
    13: Wait for headset name to appear NOT Unnamed Audio Device
    14: Select headset and tap OK
    15: Enter passkey.

    Once successful, try your headset.

    Hope this helps.
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