Treo 700p, here + Agendus v11.06.

If Agendus is set to handle alarms, does this mean that it overrides Palm's native Contacts app as regards incoming calls and ringtones?

I've noticed a couple of peculiarities:

(1) Photos I've programmed into Agendus contacts do not display when there's an incoming call; only photos that I've programmed into Palm's native Contacts app will display.

(2) I've used minitones to convert some some music files so that they would be accepted into Palm's sounds database. I then set the ringtone in Agendus to this tone. AND I set the ringtone in the native Palm Contacts app. Never plays. Instead, the default ringtone always plays. (Preferences --> sounds & alerts)

So first of all, can Agendus recognize minitones-converted ringtones? Or can it only use the midi crap in Agendus's database, (a database which appears to be independent from Palm's midi database (why, I have no idea--seems to me this just chews up space)).

What I think is happening is that by allowing Agendus to handle alarms, it's also handling the ringtones. It's not able to play the minitones-converted ringtone, so Palm reverts to its default ringtone (which is, incidentally, also a minitones-converted ringtone). But I would think the Treo would still prioritize the ringtone I have programmed into the native Palm Contacts app, no? That's not happening. The default ringtone in each case sounds.

What's more, my ringtone programmed via the native Palm Contacts app keeps getting reset to "default" (usually after I've been tinkering with Agendus). But this likely a symptom, and not the problem. I know for a fact I've gotten incoming calls on multiple occasions in which BOTH Agendus AND Palm Contacts had the minitones-converted ringtone programmed. And it didn't play. Instead, again, the default tone played (preferences --> sounds & alerts).

Any idea what's up? Just annoyed because I can't seem to figure this out.

Thanks so much.