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    Sprint PRL 20025 will allow you to use data in roaming mode in many areas.
    Not sure of the costs involved to use data in ROAM, if any.

    Tested it here on Verizon, and it works in one area but not the other...and it only connects at 1xRTT even though Vzw offers EVDO in this area (and the EVDO indicator was on until it signed onto Vzw's Data Services.

    I also read that PRL 20025 fixes a voicemail icon issue in at least one area (in VA, I think)

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    I can switch to roam and get evdo and I don't live in a power vision area I love it!
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    I just called Sprint and got the phone flagged. I did the update. I'll see if it works.
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    I as well did this, I have had the PRL for a bit, but didn't test roaming on it. But over the weekend did talk to a Sprint guy at the Mall, and still no word on EVDO for me, but he did say that Alltel had it. So I figured I would try, and sure enuf, I get EVDO now by roaming. Kinda sucks to have to do that, but hey whatever works.
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    i forced roaming and still no EVDO for me, Hershey PA
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    whats the number for Sprint to dial directly from my phone? Im sorry I forgot it.
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